Meja is an artist, whom we first got acquainted with through her numerous international hits in the world of music. Songs like "All 'bout the Money" and " Private Emotion" made her a household name. But she is not All 'bout the Music.....

"I was born into an artistic family where I was surrounded by music and art as far back as I can remember. There has always been a musical instrument, a canvas and a variety of colours around the house. Creativity was everywhere, you just had to pick up a brush and start.
My grandfather was a music director and composer. I remember sitting on the floor by his baby grand while he was composing pieces for a full orchestra. My mother devoted her life to art, studying from an early age and needless to say she is a great support. My father has been singing and composing as well - always with a guitar around.
I started writing poems and short stories at the age of 6 and joined the theatre at 7. Singing in various choirs has been a part of my musical education, but I have always been playing around with my different artistic expressions,

It was not until 2006 I felt ready to have my first own exhibition "Hidden Words". Since then I have kept on working with my art, experimenting with photography and other media. 
It is the one place where I can let my mind go, and just surrender to the "Now".



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